Malatto Coffee started as a passion project between Rose Kuru and Lucas Sena. Our vision is to provide New Zealand with the best coffee from South and Central America. Seeing as Lucas grew up in Colombia, he knows that there are a lot of farms that produce amazing coffee that has not yet been exported to the rest of the world as a result of the economic and social limitations of the farms. Malatto Coffees wants to showcase these underprivileged and undiscovered farms to New Zealand coffee lovers.


Currently we are importing green beans from various farms in around world in search of the best beans and acquiring knowledge from the coffee grower's experiences. We have coffees from different corners of Colombia, Panama, and Ethiopia as each of these regions have invaluable coffee treasures in its mountains. 
Malatto Coffee has a passion for coffee, an appreciation in coffee growing, a joy for working in the industry, and a desire to create a direct link between Central American, South American and African producers to the final consumer. Malatto Coffee is a company that wants to create a coffee culture in New Zealand through the design of experiences and sophistication of the consumption of our drinks.