Cafec TH-1 Specialty Paper Filter

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CAFEC is founded by Sanyo Sangyo, the Japanese pioneer filter paper manufacturer which developed world’s first cone shaped filter paper. CAFEC is passionate about coffee & specifically drip coffee. The company vows to make drip coffee easily accessible to everyone regardless of professionals or home brewers. They bring about a host of innovations & industry firsts to their drip coffee equipment which includes ABACA filter paper & Arita ware coffee dripper. TH-series filter paper is created by CAFEC for specialty coffee enthusiasts to bring out the best of each roast & origin. At thickness of 0.15mm, the filter paper has high paper density & only 1-side crepe. This allows you to achieve a clean & aromatic cup with a slower overall flow rate. TH-1 are compatible with any cone-shaped drippers with 60 degree angle e.g. Hario V60, CAFEC Flower Dripper, Kono Dripper and Origami dripper. Origin: Japan Thickness: 0.15mm Capacity: 1~2 cups Pack: 100pcs